Scope of Services

Market Planning

  • Formulation of overall strategic plan and marketing strategy with the owner for the leasing of the apartments
  • Supervision of marketing plans
  • Local, national and international marketing of the property
  • Optimising occupancy throughout the year through active occupancy management strategies
  • Digital enablement
  • Search engine optimization
  • Data analytics
  • Promotions and campaigns

Tenancy Management

  • Provision of onsite front desk reception services in the property
  • Issuing of tenancy agreements
  • Preparation and management of entry condition reports
  • Collection and lodgement of bonds with the RTA within 10 days of receipt from tenants
  • Collection of rent
  • Management of debts and arrears
  • Management of rent increases
  • Tenant maintenance requirements
  • Management of apartment inspections
  • End of tenancy move management
  • Managing lease breaks
  • Exit reports
  • Bond refunds
  • Assistance with inter-tenant dispute resolution
  • Management of Civil and Administrative Tribunal claims

Legislative Requirements

  • Operate under the requirements of the Residential Tenancies and Room Accommodation Act 2008 as required

Soft Facilities Management

  • Oversee the cleaning services within the common property
  • Oversee the maintenance of the grounds within the common property
  • Reception services
  • Monitoring of complaints and feedback within the property
  • Oversee Rubbish removal
  • Oversee the security services to the property
  • Ongoing procurement of amenities such as telephone, internet, laundry services as required

Hard Facilities Management

  • Supervision of Hard FM contracts with the building on behalf of the owner
  • Preparation of the Asset Management and Life Cycle plans
  • Assisting with the “life cycle costing” and implementation of capital works programs

Reporting and Administration

  • Strategic business planning for the property to optimise returns for the owner
  • Monitoring the compliance with all contractual obligations
  • Supervision of the operations in the precinct
  • Implementation of policies and procedures for the operations
  • Supervision and coordination of all reporting of the operations to the owner

Administration and Record Keeping

  • Developing, implementing, maintaining, and updating the operating budget
  • Management and administering of all financial transactions relating to residents including but not limited to:
    • Manage payments of rent and payment of other fees
    • Reconciliation of payments and refunds
    • Refund processing of Security deposits / Bonds
    • Maintain and update the base case budget
    • Prepare accounts for the project
    • Prepare regular reports for the owner
    • Facilitate audit

Pre-opening Team and Mobilisation

  • The property team noted above will be appointed well in advance of the property opening date and will form the nucleus of the pre-opening team. The pre-opening team will provide the following services:
    • Initial lease-up
    • Initial marketing
    • Move-in process design


  • Recruitment would take place in the months leading up to opening take over, ideally giving the new team approximately 3 months in the property before the first residents arrive.

Health and Safety

  • Implementation of an OH&S safety plan
  • Maintenance of relevant insurances
  • Incident management and rectification measures

Financial Reconciliations

  • Management of rental arrears and collections
  • Reporting to the asset owner